Playground Rules

To promote continuity (and safety) for the children, we appreciate you enforcing these rules when using the TDS playground before or after school.


  • No climbing on fences.
  • No digging in sand other than the sandbox
  • No pushing, shoving or tackling.


  • Feet on the floor at all times (no standing or climbing on side rails).
  • No climbing up the slide. Sliding down on bottoms only.
  • Climbing down is not permitted (traffic flow problem).


  • No standing on top, sides or seats of engine, cars or caboose.
  • No climbing on roofs.


  • No throwing/kicking sand.
  • Sand and sand toys stay inside the sandbox.
  • Replace sandbox cover when finished playing.


  • Swinging on bottoms only (no bellies or standing).


  • Feet on the floor at all times.
  • No standing or climbing on side rails or window.


  • For the safety of all children and adults, please do not park along driveway in front of playground.
  • Teachers will dismiss each child at the gate. We appreciate parents meeting the teacher at the gate when the teacher approaches with their child, and moving away from the gate after their child has been dismissed so others can move closer to the gate as space permits.
  • We request that all parents/siblings remain outside the gate (off the fence) until all students have been dismissed. This alleviates any confusion (student/visitor?) for the teachers and does not tempt the waiting students to return to the playground equipment.
  • For your children’s safety, please hold their hand at all times in the parking lot or driveway
  • For everyone’s safety, please exit from the lower parking lot to avoid driving through any parents/children crossing the driveway in front if the playground gate. Likewise, if you arrive late, please enter the lower parking lot (first on right).

Thank you for your cooperation!