Our Values

A Place For Learning Together

A warm, secure place that encourages responsive adult-child interactions.
A safe, nurturing, creative environment designed for exploration and learning.
A place that sets high expectations that engage and challenge the mind and body.
A place that prepares students for success in school and life.

A Community of Caring

A place that encourages warm, meaningful relationships between adults and children who know and trust each other.
A place that encourages the development of responsibility, compassion, and community.

A Place That Promotes Strong Families

A place that supports the rights and responsibilities of parents and the development and well-being of families.

A Great Place To Work

A place that supports their staff and its difficult job addressing the needs of children, families, and community.
A place that supports the active intelligence, competence and professional growth necessary for professional commitment.

A Place For Childhood

A place for children to feel good about themselves and know that they are valued and respected, accepted and understood.