Our Philosophy

At Trinity Day School we provide a supportive environment in which children feel free to share, trust and explore life’s experiences.  Continuing emotional, social, spiritual, physical and intellectual growth of children is the objective of our school philosophy.

Most importantly, we want our children to become secure within themselves; to know that they are valued beings who are deserving of acceptance, understanding, and respect. To help accomplish this, we provide an atmosphere where trust and confidence can grow, and where children can feel secure, comfortable and happy. Only in this type of atmosphere can a child’s development be enhanced and his/her potential become a reality.

Socialization skills are the skills which enable us to maintain healthy relationships, provide positive self-image, and increase the ability to achieve both socially and academically. These are skills which we will help each child achieve by designing curriculum with an understanding of where children are emotionally and cognitively at the beginning of the year, and where they need to grow throughout the year.

To implement our curriculum, trained and mature early childhood professionals possess an extensive knowledge of child development. Out staff demonstrate skills which facilitate learning and growth in all domains.

We provide a variety of experiences for your child to explore their world and continue to be a curious learner. Developmental activities which are age appropriate and child-centered are emphasized. We foster independence and self-esteem and encourage each child to respect their peers and teachers while learning the skills necessary to resolve conflicts. We give freedom to develop as a unique individual, while providing limits to ensure our students’ safety within the security of a structured routine.